Aldaran, God of the Sun, the main deity, Patron of Paladins. Holy Symbol: A sun. Domains: Sun, Strength, War. Favored Weapon: Warhammer

The Wanderer, patron god of travelers and tricksters everywhere, halflings especially. Symbol: A hood, with a face barely visible inside. Domains: Luck, Travel, Trickery. Favored weapon: Quarterstaff

Andarra, Goddess of Death. Symbol: A rotting hand. Domains: Death, Destruction, Protection. Favored weapon: Glaive.

Esari, Wife of Alderan. Goddess of the home. Symbol: Two hands with palms together. Domains: Healing, Protection. Favored Weapon: Dagger

Elves tend to worship Obad-hai (the dude in the player’s handbook) or the Moon Lady (Domains: Magic, Protection, Knowledge, Healing), represented by the largest moon (There are 3, but one is tiny and the other is blue and comes around about once every 7 years), considering celestials to be her children. A good portion of them are atheists.


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