Antal Nirum

Halfling factotum. Antal is easily bored and tends to mess with things that should not be messed with, much to Audric and Rana’s dismay.


Human… paladin, till a couple of days ago. Audric has a family, but was raised by the paladins of Aldaran since he was six. Being a paladin is what he’s known almost his entire life, but despite that, he doesn’t share the smite-happy philosophy of most of his order. He is the kind of person that prefers solving conflicts with words, before resorting to violence

Jess “Priest” Sandry

Human rogue/sorcerer.

Llaars Hayden

Human brawler. Llaars is a large, quiet man whose punches tend to end confrontations quickly.

RĂ¡na (& Shadow)

Half-elf druid and her wolf companion. Rana grew up hated by 99% of the people she met, all of whom would have been perfectly happy to kill her because of her race or magical abilities. Consequently, she is cautious around those she does not know well and focuses on doing whatever is necessary to survive.

Tayet Spanner (& Cape)

Human ranger and his eagle companion. Tayet tends to be quiet and keeps to himself, although he approached Rana for training in nature-based magic.




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