Attalin city

Capital of Tavetiir, the adventure started here.

Diamond Lake

A port city in Tavetiir.

Fort Brennam

An outpost in Tavetiir. The location of one of the battles with Kallean’s empire.

Everdras ridge

A tunnel or cave of sorts, on the Eastern mountains. Another one of Iil’ssaran’s allies was killed there.


Exactly what it says on the tin, according to Mortren. Another place when one of the sorcerers was slain.

The Scar

A heavily fenced barren streak in otherwise normal farmland. Was probably made this way because of the battle with another of Iil’ssaran’s friend.

Eastern Castle

The old capital of Kallean, now a pile of ruins. Two of Iil’ssaran’s fellow sorcerers were killed there.


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