Attalin city

The capital of Tavetiir, Attalin City is built on the the Iraness river. The city was destroyed and reconstructed after the war with Kallean, and in consequence of that, has an extensive “sewer” system.

Notable places there include:

  • Temple of Aldaran, housing the headquartiers of the Order
  • Thieves guild, someplace down the sewers.
  • The “Raging Roc”, Llaars’ tavern

The two main gates to the city are the Sailor’s gate, on the Iraness’side, and the South Gate, which is the largest access point, but there are many smaller entrances to the city.

Other places worth of being mentioned are:

  • Michael Veltaros’ house
  • Ill’ssaran (ex)residence

Attalin city

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