Paral Beckum

A sorcerer and friend of Antal. Briefly possessed by a ghost, and still retains some of those memories.


Antal’s best bud, Paral is a human sorcerer, and one of the best. He’s not very strong, or even dangerous, but he’s great at keeping it a secret. It helps that he’s quite wise about using his magic, and that he lives in a backwater neighborhood of the city that no paladin would care about.

Paral was kidnapped by the witch Iil’ssaran and during that time, ended up possessed by a spirit that seemed to have some recollections related to her. The party successfully removed the spirit from his body, though not without causing him a good deal of physical harm. He still retains an unknown amount of the spirit’s memories, and doesn’t seem to like it at all.

Paral Beckum

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