Michael Veltaros

A scruffy squatter in Attalin, he helps sorcerers get out of the city.


A short scruffy human with dark hair and stubble. He has a slightly hunched posture, and looks like he could rather use a bath.


Michael is a squatter in an abandoned house in Attalin. He helps sorcerers and their like escape the city, and appears to feel some sort of kinship with them, though he seems to have no magic of his own. He seems to have a very ‘live and let live’ attitude towards religion and abilities, judging more by actions than by talents.

Of late, three people have taken residence in his attic, who are not only uninterested in leaving, but appear to be very interested in war. While he doesn’t seem to like having them in his house, and does not support their ambitions, he also clearly hasn’t been able to make them leave.

Michael Veltaros

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