Human Paladin. One of Audric's brethren in Attalin's temple.


A tall, dark-haired young man, with Aldaran’s symbol emblazoned upon his shield. He doesn’t look like he’s ever smiled in his life, and his dark eyes are narrowed. His gleaming full plate and dark, dull, longsword are both stained with blood.


Keon is a paladin in Attalin city. He is a young man, more or less Audric’s age, and could be considered by all standards attractive, but he never smiles, never cracks a joke, and never talks about anything else but his duty. Audric doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, but keeps an healthy distance and tries not to get in his way – he has the uncomfortable feeling that all it would take was a little word out of place and he would be the one getting smote.

The party met him first in Iil’ ssaran’s house, where he and Aamir were attracted by the fighting and the magic auras. Later on, Antal teleported by in the same house, that had been placed under investigation, and met both Keon and Aamir again.


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