Jess 'Priest' Sandry

Human rogue/sorcerer


A smiling, tall, wiry woman with a smile constantly kept on her face, Jess’s dark skin is slightly unusual in most circumstances. Her clothes are modest by need, with a hood at the back to keep off the weather and suspicious glances. The only concession she makes to vanity is her hair, which is large, curly, ponytailed and alive.

As of currently, there is often a black cat clinging to her somewhere.


Being a discarded baby girl on the streets of any city is not a promising start to a life, especially if you’re one of those unfortunate enough to be gifted with magical powers. But one unlucky break apparently deserves one lucky one in turn in the form of a trio of Halflings who adopted her and made her, for better and worse, the woman she is today. Mostly, they made her a contradiction.

Due to sharing their religious views, she’s a worshiper of two different gods, one who has a legion of followers that want to kill her for being born. She views herself as a Halfling first and Human second, given the opportunity. She’s a thief, lair and opportunist who tried to fight corruption in the city’s church, even though all it might have led to is the death of a relatively innocent man and the abandonment of her home. She’s a complicated lady.

Jess is something of an untrusting, cheery, lying rogue with a magnetic quality regarding trouble and a distaste for foresight, but as she’ll tell you she’s got her bad points too. Namely, a conscience that has landed her treking with a bundle of misfits hunting a powerful mage who is causing death and destruction across the country.

The bright side is that she managed to annoy the church before doing so.

Well, maybe not a bright side.

Considering that they want to kill her.

Quite a lot.

Perhaps she should start moving faster.

Jess 'Priest' Sandry

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