A witch...ghost...thing. More than a little mad. Cans mutant tadpoles for unknown reasons.


Iil’ssaran is a tall brunette woman with deep blue eyes. She has an almost regal bearing, when not cackling and insane. She has a very distinctive magic aura – every spell she casts feels like dark blue, and grease.


The mad sorceress Iil’ssaran posed as the healer Irena Wainwright for an unknown amount of time. While masquerading as a healer, she imprisoned at least two sorcerers, infecting one with what can only be described as heavily mutated tadpoles and forcing the other, Ranias, into some horrific state between life and undeath. She also met Paral Beckum on at least one occasion. She would later kidnap him and may have played a role in his possession by a spirit of unknown age and origin.

Her former abode was filled with traps, and was last seen under investigation by paladins. It is speculated that she fled to the east at some point after her initial altercation with the party – however, her current location is unknown.

She may be associated with ‘the Lady’ and her army. Kerj seemed to know of her persona, at least, though he seemed to have no awareness of her true identity.

It is speculated that she steals her magic through consuming the blood of sorcerers, and this may possibly sustain her as well.


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