Attic Dwellers

The mages and their friends hiding in Michael Veltaros' attic.


An assortment of magical beings and warmongers living under Michael Veltaros’ roof. They do not all appear to be fond of each other.


Arheilt – a dishonored dwarf who made pacts with demons in fear of some unknown greater danger. He regrets it deeply, but knows of no way to undo the consequences of his actions.
Connor – A kid sorcerer with loose control over his powers. Younger brother of Sandra.
Sandra – Connor’s elder sister and de facto guardian. Knows little of magic, except that Connor has it.


Felix – A reckless human from the north. He seemingly suffers from a case of terminal boredom. He does not seem to be as invested in whatever cause they are fighting for as the other two. He does not appear to have any magical ability of his own, but his black dagger does.
Kurag – An orc illusionist from the northeast. His black hair tangled into greasy dreadlocks. His magic cannot be detected by standard means. He appears to have no love for humans, and wants Attalin and the rest of the country to fall. Swore to the party that he would not raise weapons or spells against humans, dwarves, or halflings, though it is debatable whether or not he will keep this oath.
Mortren – A dwarven warrior and self-appointed restrainer of Kurag. Over a hundred years old and deeply cynical about the ability of humans to do anything other than discriminate and kill. Meeting the party seems to have shaken his views, however.

The above three are part of a force that, if what Kurag says is true, numbers thousands and are planning to conquer Attalin and the surrounding lands. It may contain some or all of witches, shamans, and demon-blood warlords, depending on how much you trust Kurag.


Attic Dwellers

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